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How we began

Creating inspiring images..

“When my children were small I asked them how they wanted their bedrooms decorated.

Little was I to appreciate the response Alex, aged six, would give me, without hesitation. She wanted pigs. Lots of them…high in the sky flying across the meadows.

I rose to the challenge…painting a mural across one wall with pigs flying above against a blue sky across; whilst the ceiling became a pigs paradise with them nestled in their cloud beds.

Now in her late teens, Alex has told me that she would lie in bed and feel that she was ‘there’ flying with the pigs in the meadow. Her room has been re-decorated but upon Alex’s insistence the wall remains.This has inspired us to ‘reach in’ and inspire you so that together we will translate your ideas and fantasies using photographic images to create your own unique interior feature.

Remember, the only limit is your imagination..”

Helen Spiers